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2.1. Carrier Interface

This guide walks you through the EF LOG Platform from the Inbound carrier perspective. It starts with an overview of all available navigation items and moves on through basic functional steps.

Navigation structure and main functionality: 

Dashboard – overview of the latest activities (last 10 activites).

ATN – Advance transport notification gives you a weekly overview about expected non-binding volumes. This section is also used for ATN confirmation (in terms of capacity).

Yearly Forecast – use this screen to get the yearly planned non-binding volumes.

Inbound – this screen is covering all inbound requests. Gives you an overview of all active inbound loads with current status, vehicle information and all other load related information. 

Following actions are being performed on this screen: 

  • Accept transport request 
  • Edit accepted request (change driver, transportation vehicle, ET of loading/unloading)    
  • Reset accepted request (removing the acceptance and the request has to be accepted again with new data) 
  • Confirm load 
  • Start journey 
  • Confirm unload (can be done by driver as well)   
  • Reject transport request   

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